Confessions and New Beginnings & Why I Wrote a Book

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This is a show of confessions and new beginnings. All over the globe people are deciding want they want for the coming year. With a feeling that something’s missing or something could be better, they make New Years Resolutions to go and get it. (Go to any gym in January and February and see for yourself.) The problem is most New Year’s Resolutions don’t work; they fizzle out as quickly as they start.

On today’s show host Julia Espey confesses that she’s never accomplished even one New Years Resolution, but she did manage to make a radical change nonetheless—a change that remade her life, her mothering, and even her love life forever. Julia talks about the time when she once felt “terribly alone, overwhelmed and inadequate as a single mother” but instead of jumping into short-lived hyper-activity to try and “fix it,” she steadfastly took another tack.Guest interviewer and speaker, Janet Matthews, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, draws out Julia’s heartfelt story and the book she wrote as a result. Today’s show is a journey into how one mother made a dramatic change in her life, began a “quest,” and how her discoveries can help you in your parenting. You’ll find out the secret ingredient to sustaining activity, keeping focused on a goal, and never giving up.

You’ll get take-away parenting tips from If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You’d Learn. And you’ll hear about Julia’s “new beginning” and the tearful message she gives you at the end of this show.


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How Gratitude, Giving, and Tithing Lead to Prosperity

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Edwene Gaines was a single mother who was always in financial crisis. With barely an extra dollar to her name, Edwene did the impossible. She began to follow four spiritual laws of prosperity: tithing, goal-setting, forgiveness, and finding her divine purpose.

Within six months, Edwene’s income had doubled, tripled, and more.

Looking back, Edwene doesn’t view these results as extraordinary. She has seen thousands of other people lift themselves out of financial problems by following the same four principles.

As a holiday gift to each of you, host Julia Espey welcomes you into a series of lively dialogues with Edwene Gaines, now an international speaker and author of the book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. This week’s show focuses on Law #1: Gratitude, Giving, and Tithing. Edwene will make this law understandable, practical, and useful for us all.

So unwrap your gift of increased prosperity and inner peace—to keep all year long—by tuning into today’s show! LISTEN HERE!

Get your own copy of Edwene’s book to focus your holiday and New Year on prosperity here on Amazon.



Broken Families Still Deserve Holiday Cheer!

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The weeks from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day are the busiest time of the year for everyone. But for us single moms, the holiday season poses extra challenges.

If your family has gone through a divorce or the death of a parent, the holidays are when raw emotions and feelings of loss can hit the hardest. You’re worn out from shopping for gifts, decorating your house, and shuffling kids between in-laws. You’re financially stressed because the burden of your children’s expectations lies solely on you.

One single mom, Nancy, even felt “holiday cursed.” Check out her e-mail:

Dear Julia, I’ve always dreaded the holidays since my dad left us at Christmas when I was a little girl. Last year, my husband asked for a divorce during the holidays, and now we are divorced. I’m handling this OK, but I’m afraid that my eight-year-old daughter is not doing as well… Are we ‘holiday cursed?’  How can I reverse our luck and make the holidays cheery for my daughter? Help! —Nancy

On today’s show, mental health and parenting expert, and frequent Fox News commentator Dr. Karen Ruskin PsyD, LMFT, answers Nancy’s SOS call—and offers holiday solutions for stressed-out mommies.

Listen In. Blessings!


with Dr. Karen Ruskin PsyD, LMFT, – mental health and parenting expert

“Changes in families call for changes in traditions—into new, better ones,” explains Dr. Karen. By following her three-step plan, you can make those changes, and create new holiday memories!

Dr. Karen also offers insights into

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The 9 Environments of Great Mothers and Great Leaders

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Hey there Single Moms and Friends,

Whether you know it or not, you live in nine environments that define you. They’ve conditioned you. They’ve formed you into the person you are. And they’re constantly shaping your results—past, present, and future. 

These nine environments include: 

  • your body
  • your self
  • your spiritual environment
  • your natural environment
  • your physical environment
  • your network
  • your relationships
  • your financial environment
  • your beliefs

Understanding how these nine environment work can make the difference between living a life by default and living it by design. 

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