How Gratitude, Giving, and Tithing Lead to Prosperity

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Edwene Gaines was a single mother who was always in financial crisis. With barely an extra dollar to her name, Edwene did the impossible. She began to follow four spiritual laws of prosperity: tithing, goal-setting, forgiveness, and finding her divine purpose.

Within six months, Edwene’s income had doubled, tripled, and more.

Looking back, Edwene doesn’t view these results as extraordinary. She has seen thousands of other people lift themselves out of financial problems by following the same four principles.

As a holiday gift to each of you, host Julia Espey welcomes you into a series of lively dialogues with Edwene Gaines, now an international speaker and author of the book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. This week’s show focuses on Law #1: Gratitude, Giving, and Tithing. Edwene will make this law understandable, practical, and useful for us all.

So unwrap your gift of increased prosperity and inner peace—to keep all year long—by tuning into today’s show! LISTEN HERE!

Get your own copy of Edwene’s book to focus your holiday and New Year on prosperity here on Amazon.



The Secrets to Cleaning Up Your Credit Score and Keeping it Strong

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(11 comments)  with licensed FICO professional and credit restoration expert Joe McGlynn

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What three little numbers can cost you thousands of dollars? Answer: your FICO credit score—and it’s easier to change than you might believe. An article in MSN Money calculated that the difference between a 750 and a 650 credit score is a startling $201,712 in extra interest paid over a lifetime. Home and car insurance premiums are even higher when your score is lower, and just one little oops—one late credit card payment, for example—can lower your score by as much as 100 points.

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Work-Family Balance: Is it Fantasy or Probability?

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Vonda Vaden (Vv) Bates shares secrets learned as Target executive and solo mom (click here to listen)


Scientists are still searching for the chip that gets inserted in a mommy’s brain when her child is born. It’s the chip that whispers in her head, “Mommy… Do more. Be more. You’re not enough!” Something drives we mothers to do more and more. We put impossible standard on ourselves. We expect to do it all. It’s no wonder mother’s…

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