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Single Mom Talk Radio – Money Essentials: The Secrets to Cleaning Up Your Credit Score and Keeping it Strong

What three little numbers can cost you thousands of dollars? Answer: your FICO credit score—and it’s easier to change than you might believe. An article in MSN Money calculated that the difference between a 750 and a 650 credit score is a startling $201,712 in extra interest paid over a lifetime. Home and car insurance premiums are even higher when your score is lower, and just one little oops—one late credit card payment, for example—can lower your score by as much as 100 points. Today’s guest, Joe McGlynn, is a licensed FICO professional and credit restoration expert who can give us single moms the knowledge to strengthen our credit and fatten our purses by improving our credit score. You’ll discover that everything on your credit report has the potential to be removed—whether it happened or not! “U.S. federal law requires credit bureaus to verify items on your report if they’re requested to do so by you,” says McGlynn. “If the credit bureaus can’t verify a specific item within 30 days, it goes off your record permanently!”

Think how busy credit card companies and mortgage banks are! Do you think these companies keep perfect long-term records, and answer every request for verification that comes in? No! Today’s show will give an open door to improving your score with the insider knowledge that only the best credit restoration companies know, but that every individual can use! You’ll learn the things most people do wrong in trying to fix their credit (hint: don’t ever submit disputes online—it’s a waste of time). As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to help our children establish and keep good credit as they become young adults.

Special offer: United Credit Consultations (UCC) has offered Single Mom Talk Radio a promotional discount not found on their website. To get UCC to pull your actual FICO credit bureau scores, and give you a free consultation, put the promotional code SingleMomUCC123 in the comment box when contacting them for a free consult. If you decide to use UCC, you’ll get a $25 discount with this promo code too. Contact:

Feel free to pass this promotional offer on to your friends and family—whether they’re single moms or not.

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Dating Again: Telling the Truth So Your Love Life Can Blossom—with relationship mentor Eva Love (part 2)

Who would have thought that the ancient Greek saying “Know thyself” also applied to having great relationships and finding a lasting love? Relationship mentor Eva Love, that’s who! After spending 23 years mentoring even the toughest cases, Eva knows that unless you love yourself—deeply—no one else will either! Sounds logical until you consider this major obstacle: Before you can love yourself, you’ve got to know yourself first.

Try truth serum, Eva Love style—a simple exercise you do eight times a day (for 10 seconds each) leading to powerful personal results! “Our life is created by the beliefs we hold, and our beliefs are triggered from our feelings,” Eva says. “Notice your feelings, and you’ve found your doorway to change.” In this show, Eva will give listeners a wide open avenue to create change—”to create a life that is consciously chosen rather than unconsciously lived.” Eva will detail what people typically do with their feelings: (1) Suppress/Ignore, (2) Escape, (3) Express (act out), and (4) Release. With her exercise, you’ll be able to choose option 4, the healthiest option that’s rarely taken. And she’ll help you avoid falling into the “Why am I feeling this way?” bottomless pit—a real waste of time. You’ll even hear how money success can be directly tied to relationship success. Tune in and find out just how liberating it is to “know thyself”—to acknowledge and accept your feelings—and why your love life can blossom as a result.

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Dating Again: Kiss Another Toad or Find Your Prince?—with 23-year veteran relationship coach Eva Love

…And they lived happily ever after!” What a crock of *%&*! As little girls, we get fed this fairy-tale ending, often in the most delightful movies and books. I mean, who didn’t love the Disney film Enchanted? But now it’s “Why the heck didn’t my life turn out like that?” If you’ve ever thought this, or decided to give up on love (just till the children are 18), or wanted to escape dating any more “toads”—then this show is just for you.

Twenty-three-year veteran relationship coach Eva Love once believed in fairy tales, but she gave up on love after finding her second husband beating her children. Divorced again, Eva tailspun into avoidance and unhappiness. “I ate my pain and used food to comfort and hide me. For years, I didn’t deal with the issues that needed healing—issues that (had I dealt with them) could have brought me a healthy relationship and a great father for my kids.”

In her darkest hour, Eva was divinely given a way out—and given the keys to finding lasting love. She used her revelations, insights, and exercises not only to attract her truest love, but also to help more than 5000 coaching clients find theirs too!

What is love’s most guarded secret? “It’s all an inside game,” Eva says, “which means it is 100 percent under your control. I can tell you how to make yourself irresistible! I’ve got an exercise that can make confidence, inner joy, and happiness just bubble out of you. There isn’t a more attractive or sexy thing than that!”

Ditch the toads—or your vow of celibacy. Tune in and find out that fairy tales can come true after all, one Eva exercise at a time.

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Ditch Mommy Overload! A mother’s solution to work-family balance…. with business coach Vonda Vaden Bates

Scientists are still searching for the chip that gets inserted in a mommy’s brain when her child is born. It’s the chip that whispers in her head, “Mommy… Do more. Be more. You’re not enough!” Something drives we mothers to do more and more. We put impossible standard on ourselves. We expect to do it all. It’s no wonder mother’s commonly report feeling anxious, overloaded, and overwhelmed with their day-to-day duties, and according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) statistics, women experience depression and anxiety at twice the rate men do.

Let’s face up. This isn’t fantasy; we moms are pulled in many different directions! According to the US Census Bureau, women now represent 48% of the work force, and the numbers are rising. Many of these women are single mothers who have to work full-time to meet their families’ financial demands. Others don’t want to sacrifice their careers just because a little one has been born. Divorced mommies once had husbands at home to take up the slack, but not now! Now, it’s all up to them. To us. To you.

Welcome to the Golden Question: Is there a way to have it all? Can we balance conflicting demands of work and family? Is it possible to succeed at work, build great careers, and raise great children to? The mommy who finds an answer to this question wins a big prize: happiness, peace, and well-adjusted children!

Full-time executive, business owner, and solo mom Vonda Vaden (Vv) Bates is a mother who has won that prize. In this show, Vv shares her story—a story of navigating through the dangerous, choppy waters of mothering overload and learning to ditch many parenting anxieties. Vv discovered firsthand how to keep anxiety and overload from running her life by addressing them head-on. Since then, in her private consulting practice, she has helped hundreds of other women win the prize too.

Vv—once a successful Target corporate executive—reveals what she wished someone had told her. “If I knew then what I know now,” Vv says, “I would have made very different decisions.” In this up-close and personal interview, Vv gives you the benefit of a lifetime of learning, and a wealth of experience working with clients who have found solutions to what seemed like relentless and conflicting demands.

Vv reveals shocking discoveries, such as “Many of my early mothering anxieties were actually false anxieties.” What?? Tune in and find out how Vv’s telling experience can help you be more effective at wearing all the “hats” you have to wear. You’ll get an easy exercise to make your alone time superproductive, so that you too can ditch mommy unrest and find the balance you need.

Bonus freebie: a 20-minute introductory coaching session especially for busy mothers! Find out more here

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Early Prevention “Potions” to Keep the Drug Dementors away from Your Child – with guest psychiatrist Dr. Henry Abraham

Superheroes wear protective suits. Harry Potter casts a spell. What can we as parents do to shield their children from the scary and serious world of drugs?

The statistics are frightening. Children as young as twelve years old report that “it’s relatively easy to obtain illicit drugs”, and experimentation with alcohol and drugs happens earlier than most parents suspect. On top of all that, if you’re a single mother you’ve got to be doubly prepared since 71% of all adolescent chemical addictions come from single-parent families.

Can we parents do anything about this? Can we stave off this monster influence attacking our children? Harvard psychiatrist and adolescent drug specialist Dr. Henry Abraham says “Yes!” and adds that the key is early prevention. “There are many neutralizing influences, and parents can tip the balance on the right side by providing the right kind of environment and relationship with their children.” So the good news is that mom is in the driver’s seat more than she may know!

In this show, Dr. Abraham reveals the gateway experiences to watch out for, and the positive conditions, the “golden halos,” to encourage. He explains specific things to do early, such having as lots of mom-to-child talks (about everything and anything), being a sincerely church-going family, and trying hard in school—regardless of whether the child’s grades are A’s or C’s. It’s the effort that matters, and moms who do their homework on the subject of drug prevention will be mixing a home-grown potion that can dramatically help keep the drug dementors away. Tune in to discover the ingredients we moms need to keep our children safe.

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Finding the Extraordinary Parent In You

When John was only two, his dad, Jack Elias, went from being a good dad to being an extraordinary one. Only it didn’t happen in a way you might expect. Dad was angry. Little John wasn’t cooperating. Lashing out seemed justified. Instead, what Jack Elias did—what he discovered in that intense moment of parenting overload—transformed him and his parenting forever.

Millions of loving, well-intentioned parents make a critical mistake in trying to get their kids to behave—one that can really damage a child’s self-image. As a leading therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and author, Jack Elias reveals the lesson he learned as a young father, as well as the fail-safe way to always get cooperation that he later discovered.

After working with hundreds of clients, Jack has learned that there is a right way to discipline children, and the parents who learn it become extraordinary! This show is packed full of tangible tips, must do’s, and reminders of the cost of not disciplining correctly.

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Lifting the Burden of Debt and Being Free

Have you ever heard or said this: “If I only had more money, then I’d be happy”? Today’s guest, Sheila Hartwell, was unexpectedly left to raise two small kids alone in New York City, the most expensive city in the country. She had no career path, and a lot of financial responsibility. What did she do? Sheila tells you how she picked herself up, reframed her thinking from “broken” to “complete,” and took charge of financial matters—successfully raising her boys from private schools to college, all without incurring any debt! Not only that—she managed to grow a family financial nest egg too. Because Sheila had a gift for financial planning, she went on to earn her MBA and financial certificate, and to found the highly respected firm, Hartwell planning. For more than 15 years, she has privately advised people how to “lift the burden of debt” themselves and become financially independent. In this show, she gives you her TOP TIPS—the most critical things you can do to protect you and your children as a single mother, including advice about a legal issue that is absolutely imperative for you to know! Tune in.

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Jennifer Maggio’s Triumphant Story as a Homeless, Single-Mother

Most single moms would tell you that their #1 and #2 struggles are parenting and finances, but they’re really not… ” Today’s guest, Jennifer Maggio, reveals what she believes are the two core issues that drive all of our parenting and financial challenges! Jennifer’s story is one of parental triumph; be prepared to cry and be inspired, in the same breath. Jennifer lived a picture-perfect façade—but truth was, she was broken inside. High school valedictorian, class president, homecoming court, and then… a teenage, unmarried mother-to-be, whose family threw her out of the house.

Homeless and pregnant, she knew her life would be never be the same. In this show, you’ll find out just how Jennifer turned her life around—and what you can learn from her. Jennifer shares the critical changes she made in her mind-set and environment—changes that each of us can make, changes that can set you on course to break through the challenges you’re stuck in.

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Beliefs That Secretly Sabotage Our Lives

Ever seen the movie “Ghostbusters”? Today’s “ghosts” aren’t the scary things movies are based on. Instead, they’re the hidden beliefs that covertly run our life—beliefs such as “I’m not enough, and I’m not important.” Today’s guest, Shelly Lefkoe, is a modern-day “belief-buster” who helps people identify and replace their destructive patterns with ones that actually illuminate their lives! You’ll want to know the most common limiting beliefs that as many as 85% of people carry around, and how they wreak damage day after day. Shelly gives specific examples, from a cell phone tip that makes a HUGE difference in your child’s self-esteem to insights into a destructive dating pattern. Bust YOUR ghosts—your limiting patterns—or at least shine a light on them, on today’s show.

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Single Mom Talk Radio – Change Your Life By Changing Your Blouse

Is it possible to change your life by changing the way you dress? Can you improve your self-esteem, attract more money, love and support for you and your kids by changing your blouse? “Come-on! Sounds too good to be true.” Today’s guest expert, world-renowned lecturer and image stylist Liana Chaouli , says “yes” –and she’ll tell you why success lives, to a large part, in your closet … and what it means to us as women and single mothers. You’ll meet one of her clients, Suzie, who was a single mom with two small children, living in her sweats and distraught after a divorce. You’ll find out what happened to her after working with Liana. To find out more information about Liana single-mom style teleseminar, send an email to – type “single mom teleseminar” in the subject line of the email.

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