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I’d really rather be interviewing someone else (and be talking about them) but since you wondering about me here you have it.

Let’s start off with an update: I’m no longer a single mother. A few years ago I did remarry. But before you throw me out of our “single mom club”—let me tell you more.

I for sure earned my “Single Mom Merit Badge!!!!”

For the first seven years of my son’s life, there were just my son and I. No family nearby, no daddy near. These years are seared in my memory and heart forever. Ask me about my single-mother days today, and I might do one of several things:

  • jump up and champion the virtues of all single moms everywhere
  • take up arms to help solo moms everywhere
  • or burst into tears!

It all started when my son’s father told me that he didn’t want to be involved in raising our son. He announced, “It will be better for you and the baby if I’m not involved.”

What?! Says who?!

Obviously, I didn’t get a vote, and I just had to accept it. So I did what most single mothers do: I resolved to give my son a complete childhood anyway—with or without daddy. I donned a superhero cape and took on the world. But first … How does this diaper thing work?!

Seriously, I had never even held a baby before, and I now had one of my own! The following years—through my son’s babyhood, toddlerhood and beyond—were rife with soul-searching. Like many single mothers, on top of all the day-to-day parenting challenges, I suffered from feelings of loss and abandonment.

Although I tried to deny it, something was undeniably missing. I realized that although I was figuring out this mommy thing okay, I had no clue how to be a daddy! That’s what caused me to begin interviewing super-successful men who were also super-successful dads. “Tell me your secrets,” I implored them. “I just can’t let any son of mine get just half of what he needed to be successful!”

The result: the book If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You’d Learn. (www.IfIWereYourDaddy.com)

What I learned from researching and writing If I Were Your Daddy… both healed my wounds of loss and transformed my parenting. These men had amazing things to say, and I became a super resourceful parent as a result.  I was no longer alone; I now had 35 voices helping me parent. And I discovered that there are amazing men out there—men who bring honor to fatherhood!

I hope you enjoy the weekly blog and radio show. It’s my way of making life easier for single moms everywhere. I bring the experts and research to you and we talk about the issues most important to you!

I answer questions, comments and concerns from other single moms on the show and blog. This is my way of keeping family near; it’s our community of single mom’s and friends because it does take a village! So write to me. What’s your biggest concern or question you’d like support on? Send an email or a letter.


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