The epidemic of ADHD/ADD in kids and what’s GOOD about it!

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Hello Single Moms & Friends,

This week’s show is all about considering what’s GOOD about our children’s challenges–even the acute ones. Before you get a pitch fork out, consider the metaphor of the butterfly.

  A Butterfly’s Journey

There was once a woman who while gardening noticed a caterpillars’ cocoon, and the butterfly that was trying to emerge. There was a tiny crack and this butterfly was fighting to open it. For hours she watched it struggle and struggle to work its way through the crack. After a long while it seemed to stop. It had expended all it’s energy and couldn’t do any more.

So the loving and caring woman thought “Let me help.” She carefully took a tiny garden tool and gently cracked open the opening a bit further so the butterfly could emerge. Sure enough, it worked and the butterfly came sliding out and landed on the ground. 
It was all curled up and she waited expectantly for it to open its wings and fly, except it never did. It remained a withered creature for the rest of its life. What this woman discovered later was this: cracking open the cocoon is nature’s way of moving fluid from the butterfly’s body to its wing. The struggle was necessary and divine for the butterfly to build the strength to some day fly on its own.

When you’re tempted to think that your children’s challenges are nothing but negative, consider the Butterfly’s Journey and whether there is some purpose to it all. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to this weeks show.




The Epidemic of ADHD/ADD in kids

and what’s GOOD about it! 

with ADHD/ADD coach and specialist, Laurie Dupar 

What could possibly be good about ADHD/ADD? Google “ADHD” and you’ll get 62 million hits of symptoms, medications, and side effects. You’ll find a long list of everything that’s wrong—all the ways ADHD/ADD children aredeficient, how they fail to, how they are less than, and what they can’t do—and very few sites or experts who say anything positive. But there is one.

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